AC Voltage Transducer with Power Supply

Measuring transducer for the transformation of sinusoidal alternating voltage, with power supply terminal

  • Measurement method: rectifier process
  • Measurement input: alternating voltage sinusoidal, arithmetic mean value measurement, effective value calibration
  • Measuring range limits: 0...50 to 0...600 V
  • Measurement output: Unipolar and live-zero
    0...1.0 to 0...20 mA resp. live-zero 0.2...1 to 4...20 mA or
    0...1 to 0...10 V resp. live-zero 0.2...1 to 2...10 V
  • Also available with power supply via output circuit at 2-wire connection
  • Power supply: AC or DC power supply or wide DC, AC power pack tolerance
  • Standard as marine version per Lloyd’s Register of Shipping
  • P8/35 housing for top-hat rail mounting
  • CSA Logo GL Logo
  • CSA certificate, German Lloyd approval


  Article No: 539-
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