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Memory Adapter for METRAHit Multimeters - IR/RS232

Can be snapped onto all METRAHit multimeters and converts IR measurement data received from the instrument, as well as control signals transmitted from the PC. Measurement data are recorded to the integrated memory with reference to real-time, and are transmitted to the PC after measurement has been completed. The 128 kB memory can be broken down into blocks as desired. The sampling interval can be set within a range of 50 ms to 10 min, or sampling can be triggered in a signal-dependent fashion for optimum memory usage.

The SI 232-II memory adapter is especially recommended for measuring instruments without integrated memory (METRAHit22S through 28S).

The 1Ch-Pack is available as a user-friendly complete package. In order to expand to 2, 3 or 4-channel operation, one SI232-II is required for each channel, as well as the additionally required multimeters. The 4-Ch-Pack is recommended for simultaneous recording with 4 multimeters.


  Article No: GTZ3242020R0001
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