Multi-parameter Simulator

The SECULIFE NIBP is designed to meet the demand for a small, easy to use unit with multiple features to fit your exact needs.

Though small, this complete Multiparameter Simulator makes no compromise on providing true outputs. The ability to provide offsets for various NIBP manufacturers is a particular feature of this device. The graphic display not only allows you to see what is going on digitally, it also allows you to view a plot of the overall pressure or a close-up of the BP waveform. The Flash Memory allows for field upgrades with downloads from our website.

  • NIBP, IBP, ECG, Temp, Arrhythmias, espiration, Leak Detect & Much More
  • Small, Hand-Held, Lightweight
  • Simple - One Key Operation
  • 0 to 500 mmHg Manometer
  • ±1% of Reading Pressure Accuracy
  • Digital Pressure Envelope Offset
  • Total Pressure & BP Waveform Displays
  • Adult, Neonatal, Hypertensive & Hypotensive Modes
  • SpO2 Ready - Compatible with Seculife OX1
  • Multiple Display Screens & Digit Sizes
  • Flash Programmable, Field Upgradeable
  • RS232 Interface
  • Peak Pressure Detection with Easy Reset
  • ECG Output with Full NSR Waveform
  • Sinusoidal Respiration Simulation
  • ECG Performance Test Waveforms
  • Pace Waveform
  • ECG Alarm Test
  • Synchronized Invasive Blood Pressure Output
  • Selectable IBP Sensitivity - 5 or 40 ìV/V/mmHg
  • Leak Rate Test
  • ECG Arrhythmia Waveforms
  • ECG Arrhythmia Sequence
  • YSI 400 & 700 Simulation Temperature

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  Article No: M695E M695K
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