Leakage Current Tester for Ultrasound Transducers (new)

Until recently, commercially available leakage current test systems for TEE and other invasive diagnostic ultrasound transducers were limited to the indication of test results with green and red LEDs. If the test was passed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, a green LED lit up. If the rest results indicated a defect, the red LED lit up.

Many types of diagnostic ultrasound transducers come into close contact with the patient and should thus be tested at regular intervals, in order to evaluate the integrity of the insulation between the transducer’s internal circuit and the external environment.

Due to their direct proximity to the heart, TEE (transesophageal echocardiography) ultrasound transducer’s are of great significance with regard to safety and the containment of potentially dangerous leakage current to the heart during typical medical applications. A small leak caused by biting during previous use of the TEE, which is inserted along with the TEE transducer into the patient’s thoracic cavity and several centimeters into the cardiac muscle, can lead to an increased risk of potentially dangerous leakage current for the next patient.


  • Measuring ranges: 0.5 to 500 μA
  • Test voltage: 90 to 275 VA C, 50 or 60 Hz
  • 1% accuracy over the entire range
  • Complete system test by simply pressing a key
  • Test results as pass/fail or numeric display
  • Flash programmable, upgrades possible on-site
  • RS 232 port
  • Audiovisual signals indicate test status
  • Counter mode for extensive measuring times
  • Test report function as part of the software
  • Data protocol with storage of 99 test reports
  • PC utility software for setting up configurations and remote control
  • Date and time function (time stamp)


  Article No: M695X
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