Compact Controller, 96 x 96 mm

The R2900 temperature controller offers top functionality and flexibility with a minimal installation depth.

The harmonic-free PDPI control algorithm ensures best possible results, and its control parameters are determined by means of self-optimization.

IP 65 protection allows for use in harsh environments. Primary applications include temperature control in plastics processing and packaging machines, oven manufacturing and food processing.

  • Digital displays for actual value, as well as setpoint / manipulating factor / heating current
  • Keys for manual operation
  • Proxy setpoint with external activation
  • Rising or falling setpoint ramp
  • Regulated temperature becomes active in the event of sensor breakage
  • Heating circuit and heating current monitoring
  • Adapted for export markets: 230 V / 110 V, degrees Celsius / Fahrenheit
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Made in Germany

Order features:
2-point, 3-point, continuous-action and step-action controller
Differential and follow-up control with second input
Sensor input for type J, L, K, B, S, R and N thermocouples, and
PT100 sensors (2/3-wire) or standard signals of 0/2 to 10 V and 0/4 to 20 mA
Relay or transistor output
2 limit contacts with absolute/relative monitoring,
Actuation suppression, NO/NC contact
RS 232 / RS 485 communications interface
Auxiliary power: 110 to 230 VAC


  Article No: R2900
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