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The 3-phase power and mains disturbance analyzer MAVOWATT 70 fulfills the standards EN50160, EN61000-4-7 and EN61000-4-15 which are relevant for mains quality measurement, as well as EN61000-4-30 which specifies measuring procedures for voltage quality. The class A device simultaneously monitors RMS values, harmonics, flicker and transients down to a time range of approximately 80 µs.

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The MAVOWATT 70 has 8 measuring channels: 4 for voltage and 4 for current. The measuring configuration and the type of electrical circuit is selected automatically based upon detected measured quantities. The type of utilized monitoring with automatic limit value definition is easy to select. [ more ]

  • Power and mains disturbance analysis 3 Years Warranty
  • Harmonic analysis per EN 61000-4-7
  • Mains quality per EN50160 with statistic bar chart
  • Flicker analysis per EN 61000-4-15
  • Recording of switch-on effects and fault note
  • Integrated analysis module for the direction of the voltage drop, switching tops of the power factor correction and the quality of motors
  • Extended functionality of the power analysis
  • Measurement of fast transients with 1 MHz sampling rate
  • 8 measuring channels: 4 for voltage (differential) and 4 for current (current sensor), for measurements at 50 / 60 Hz power frequency
  • Data storage to CompactFlash memory cards ≥4 GB (scope of supply)
  • Power supply via charging device 90..264 V / 47..63 Hz
  • Built-in accumulator for up to 3 hour operating time
  • Optional RS232, USB or LAN interface
  • Optional current measuring accessories
  • High performance DranView PC analysis and evaluation software is available
  • Special version for 50 / 60 Hz and 400 Hz mains frequency - MAVOWATT70-400

Download the simulation of MAVOWATT 40 to your PC. Unzip the file in an empty directory - there will be no software installation on your PC. Start the file SimMV70.exe and operate the simulated device on your screen. The simulation is terminated by clicking on the right mouse button.

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