Prog. Combination Transducer-limit Monitor for Temp./DC Quantities, EX/NEx

These devices convert the measured quantity (i.e. direct current or voltage, or the signal from a thermocouple, a resistance thermometer, a remote sensor or a potentiometer) into a proportional analog output quantity.

2 limit contact devices are also available for monitoring the measured quantity.

  • Measured quantity (temperature, resistance change, DC quantities) and all measuring ranges can be programmed with a PC.
  • Integrated cold junction compensation
  • Output quantity range can also be programmed with a PC, and the type of output quantity (current or voltage signal) can be selected with a DIP switch.
  • Electrical isolation between measured quantity, analog and digital output quantities and auxiliary power / compliant with EN 61 010
  • Digital measured value information available at the programming interface: facilitates initial start-up, measured values can be displayed at the programming PC
  • 2 limit contact devices
  • Serial interface
Article No.   Variant Measuring Output Auxiliary Power
997455 Standard 0 ... 20 mA 
programmable betw. 
0.. 5 or 0.. 22 mA 
± 2,5 and ± 20 mA
24... 60 VAC/DC
997471 85...230 VAC/DC
997497 [EEx ia] IIC 
intrinsically safe circuit
24... 60 VAC/DC
997512 85...110 V DC / 
85...230 V AC

Order other variants with complete order code 602-... in accor­dance with the data sheet. See data sheet for default configuration.


  Article No: 603-2
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