Accessories for Multimeters

Pouches, Cases, Covers  
Fuses Fuses for Multimeters
NA HIT 2x Power adapter 90 ... 250 VAC / 5 VDC for METRAHIT 2x, CAT IV
NA HIT 27 Power adapter 90 ... 250 VAC / 5 VDC for METRAHIT 2x, CAT II
NA X-TRA Power adapter 90 ... 250 VAC / 5 VDC for METRAHIT X-TRA

Interface Adapter and Software

USB X-TRA Interface Adapter Infrared to USB for METRAHit E, S Series, X-TRA
USB XTRA Set Set of Interface Adapter USB X-TRA with Software METRAwin 10
USB-Hit USB Interface Adapter for METRAHit 2xx, 30x Multimeters
USB-PACK Set of USB Interface Adapter and METRAwin for Multimeters 2xx, 30x
RS232-USB Interface Converter
METRAwin10/METRAHit System Software for METRAHit Multimeters

Measuring Adapter

PMA16 Power Measuring Adapter for Multimeter METRAHIT ENERGY, 29S
SM16 Current Measuring Adapter
Z3241 Interface cable RS232 for connecting PC - measuring instrument

Measuring Accessories

Current Probes and Current Transformer Clamps - for Universal Current Measurements
NW3A Shunt resistor 3A - for Multimeters without Current Measuring Function
Z502U Magnetic Measuring Tips with Contact Protection - Set with Magnetic Holder
Z270S Remote Sensor
KS-NTS Cable Set with Different Test Probes, max. 20 A, 1000 V CAT III
KS17-ONE Cable Set, max. 16 A, 600 V / CAT III, Length 1.30 m
KS17-2 Cable Set, max. 16 A, 1000 V / CAT III, Length 1.30 m
KS-AP Cable Set with Adjustable Test Probes, 1000 V / CAT II or CAT IV
KS17S Cable set with 2 mm Ø steel tips and 150 cm cable, 1000 V / CAT II
KS21T Cable Set for Cable Multimeter, CAT II 150 V
KS29 Cable Set with 3 Test Probes, 600 V CAT IV
KY94 Hook Clips (1 Pair) for KS17-2
KY95-3 Alligator Clips (1 Pair) for KS17-2

Kelvin Clips

KC4 Kelvin Clip - diameters of up to 30 mm
KC27 Kelvin Probe
KC&S Kelvin Set

High Frequency Probe

Z3431-2 High Frequency Probe, 100kHz - 750MHz, 0.25..50V AC

Temperature Sensors and Probes

Z3409 Pt 100 Sensor for Surface and Immersion Measurements
TF550 Pt 100 Immersion Probe for Measurements from -50°... +550°C
TF220 Pt 1000 Immersion Probe for Measurements in Gas and Liquid
TF400CAR Pt 1000 dipstick oil temperature sensor for motor oil temperature measurement in automotive applications
TF400SURFACE Surface Temperature Sensor, Type K Thermocouple
Z3431-x Temperature Sensors and Probes, Type K Thermocouple
Z3431-TA Adapter from Banana Plug to Miniature Socket