Replacement Requirements for GTR208, GTR0210 und GTR0218

by GOSSEN METRAWATT in a Lasting Fashion

Large numbers of GTR0208, GTR0210 and GTR0218 analog controllers manufactured since the 1980s are used primarily in combination with long service-life capital goods in the plastics processing industry. A technological revision which meets demands for more operating and display convenience was necessary in order to assure long-term availability for the fulfillment of replacement requirements.

Adjustment and display of the setpoint by means of an encoding switch with protruding rotary knob - both subject to wear - has been replaced by unbreakable pushbuttons and a digital display which is legible from considerable distances. In the past is was only possible to display the actual value as deviation from the setpoint due to the limited resolution of the indicator. The actual value now appears directly at the digital display, and can also be read from considerable distances. Manual shutdown of the control outputs, heating circuit monitoring and the splash-proof front panel (IP 65) are included as standard equipment.

Replacement types R2080, R2100 and R2180 have been matched to the controllers they are intended to replace, allowing for mixed use of old an new designs in existing applications. Existing features configurations have been retained in order to simplify changeover to the new models. Connection and operation are compared in detail in the included instructions. A host of advantages are thus made available for the same price.