Flexible Current Sensor 3/30/300 A, 1000-10mV/A, Loop length 160mm

The micro Rogowski current sensor assures safe, accurate and flexible measurement at bus bars and current distributors.

The coil is above all highly suitable for difficult to access and tight spaces. The current sensor can be operated with an external power supply for long-term measurement.

  • Broad range of applications, 3 measuring ranges (3, 30 and 300 A AC) and a large bandwidth of 20 Hz to 100 kHz (±1dB / 50 Hz) for harmonic analysis
  • Accurate measurement, even with low current values, thanks to large dynamic range and high sensor sensitivity
  • Minimal influence due to conductor position or disturbance fields
  • Easy to use in tight spaces thanks to small sensor cross-section of just 6 mm
  • Reliable handling even with safety gloves – the sensor can be opened and the measuring range can be selected with one-hand operation
  • Current sensor provides IP 50 protection, measuring amplifier IP 40
  • High levels of safety for the operator, measuring category 1000V @CAT III, 600V @ CAT IV and unlimited overload capacity, designed for continuous operation
Measuring Ranges 3 A 30 A 300 A
Scaling factor 1 10 100
Output sensitivity 1000 mV/A  100 mV/A 10 mV/A
Accuracy (45 to 65 Hz)
under reference conditions 
± 1% of reading
± 0.2 A
± 1% of reading
± 1 A
Noise 3 mV TRMS 1 mV TRMS  0.1 mV TRMS
Output connection 1 pair 4 mm safety plugs 


  Article No: Z207M
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