Cable Set with Different Test Probes, max. 20 A, 1000 V CAT III

Please check whether the cable set conforms to the electrical safety and the ambient conditions for the environment in which your measuring instrument is used. 

Use the cable set only for those applications described in the operating instructions of your measuring instrument.

Make certain that the measurement cables are in flawless condition, e.g. no damage to insulation, no interruptions in cables or plugs etc.

Electrical Safety
Maximum Rated Voltage   600 V 1000 V
Measuring Category CAT IV CAT III
Maximum Rated Current 20 A 20 A
Ambient Conditions (EN 61010-031)
Temperature –20 °C ... + 50 °C
Relative Humidity max. 90%
Elevation to 2000 m
Pollution Degree 2

Meaning of symbols on the cable set

Continuous, doubled insulation
CAT III Measurements in facility installations
CAT IV Measurements at the source of low-voltage installations

Standard Equipment (Made in England)
1 pair of doubled insulated Silicon measurement cables (1.2 m)
1 pair of small test probes
1 pair of crocodile clips
1 pair of sprung hooks
1 pair of USA mains socket test probes


  Article No: Z110W
Supplement (pdf 49 kB)
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