Loop Resistance Measuring Instrument

The METRALINE Z-CHECk allows measurement of fault loop impedances and line impedances.
The measuring range from 0 through 200 Ω (0,27 Ω through 200 Ω per VDE 0413 / EN 61557) allows short-circuit current calculation from 0 through 23 kA.

The following measurements can be performed with the METRALINE Z-CHECK:

  • Fault loop impedance with short-circuit current
  • Fault loop impedance with short-circuit current
    - without tripping the RCCB
  • Line impedance with short-circuit current
  • Line voltage
  • Phase detection


  • Table of common protective devices can be displayed
  • Digital display, backlit color OLED display,
    switching between brief and detailed representation
  • LED for measurement point illumination
  • Patented means of securing test probes
  • Compact and rugged - for service calls and laboratory use


  Article No: M507A
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